Tips For Remaining Calm In The Midst of a Hectic Schedule

There’s no doubt about it. Life can start to get stressful when you’ve got a lot going on.  Between your responsibilities, relationships, family, and me-time it can be tough to be able to fit it all in.

Even if most people know that stress isn’t good for them, it seems inevitable, so they accept it as a way of life.   The truth is that regardless of how stressed you are, there is always someone with more stresses. There is always someone with a busier schedule and a tighter deadline.

Stress isn’t a result of workload, but rather how you handle your workload.

If you’re tired of feeling sick and tired, then here are some of the best ways to keep your cool even with a full calendar.


Relaxation is the ultimate cure for anxiety and stress.  Relaxing and clearing your mind starts with taking time every day to meditate.  As a result, you’ll feel balanced energy even when you’re bouncing from place to place.

Even though many people think that meditation means burning incense and closing your eyes, it’s actually much less complicated.  You can meditate in any number of scenarios from taking a shower to sitting in traffic. It’s all about finding a time to feel inner stillness despite your outside circumstances.  


Think of your mind as a busy restaurant.  You can only seat so many customers at the same time.  Eventually, you have to stop taking reservations, or you won’t have enough room to seat everyone.

The same goes for your workload.  Don’t take on too many things to do unless you want to burn out.  Prioritize what the most important things are and only take those on before the little things.

Try to push things forward that you can afford to do at a later time. You’ll find that you do a much more thorough job on each task if you take on less at the same time.

See The Positive

It may seem impossible to believe, but there is a silver lining in every situation.  There is always something positive to look for in even the darkest of circumstances. You just have to be willing to look for opportunity where there appears to be none.

By focusing on gratitude and positivity, your mind will start to train itself to remain calm under pressure.


Working out isn’t just about looking good in your bikini.  Engaging in physical activity de-stresses you and provides an outlet for your feelings.

Use Music

Music has the ability to soothe your mood.  When you’re on your way to work or about to enter a stressful meeting, try putting on music that calms you.