3 Drinks That Could Be Harming Your Health

When you think about health, most people will recommend eating a balanced and healthy diet and exercising regularly. While these two things are important, they’re overlooking one area that many people struggle with on a daily basis: drinking too many of their calories. It’s much easier for people to realize when they’re eating too much of something rather than drinking too much of something. However, the calories and sugar you put into your body from different beverages can be just as harmful to your health as the solid food you eat. To show you how, here are three drinks that could be harming your otherwise great health.

Sports Drinks

Although sports drinks can have a healthy place in your diet, most people who regularly drink sports drinks aren’t actually using them for their intended purpose. According to Jessica Migala, a contributor to Health.com, only those who are seriously training their bodies for things like a marathon or other long race should be drinking as much sugar, carbs, and calories as are in sports drinks. Generally, you’ll be much better off by simply drinking water. And not only can sports drinks have too much sugar to be putting in your body, they can also be very harmful to your teeth. Especially for children, sports drinks should be avoided.

Fancy Coffee Drinks

So many people stop off to get their favorite fancy coffee drink each morning before they get to work. And while the caffeine might feel like it helps you get through your workday a little easier, it’s likely not as helpful as you might hope. According to Jaclyn London, a contributor to GoodHousekeeping.com, all the sugar in fancy coffee drinks can make you crash even harder than you were before you got the little caffeine boost. Additionally, all the syrups, whipped cream, chocolate pieces and caramel are just adding a ton of extra calories that you likely don’t even realize you’re consuming. So next time you want to order one of these drinks, check the calorie count to see if you still think it’s worth it.

Sugary Soda Pop

One of the worst things you can put in your body as a drink is soda pop. With the amount of sugar contained in almost all forms of soda pop, you’d be better off just eating straight sugar. According to Healthline.com, drinking soda pop can cause you to gain excessive weight in the form of fat, make you insulin resistant, lead to type 2 diabetes, become addictive, increase your risk of heart disease and cancer, ruin your teeth, and potentially increase your risk of dementia. Knowing all these potential health hazards that can come about simply from drinking soda, you may want to think twice before popping that can open and pouring that liquid sugar down your gullet.

If you’ve never thought about how what you’re drinking could be affecting your health, use the tips mentioned above to help you reassess what you’re putting in your body.