I like reaching out to people and love it when people reach out to me! Maybe growing up in Sweden and having a Dad from the US has given me a particular openness towards people from all over the world. I like people, love finding out what makes a person tick, greatly enjoy communicating and collaborating is endlessly fulfilling to me.

    Through my work with clients as well on my own bodybuilding journey, I have had the opportunity to connect with an endless number of great people and I can honestly say that I have learned something from every single one of them. When you get to know someone and begin to see their way of looking at the world, you realize that your way is most certainly not the only option. Different things work for different people and words uttered by a conversation partner may just be what you may need to hear at that time. My own personal fitness journey has continually been bettered by the people I have encountered along the way.

    Going to the States to visit my American cousins and seeing first hand how different people live their lives in different parts of the world, has further broadened my mind. I always encourage people to keep in touch and hope that many of the visitors to this website will contact me with questions, queries or tips. Regardless of whether you are seeking support for your own personal journey or are indeed an expert with information you would like to pass on, please get in touch by emailing me at or by using the contact form below.

    There are some compelling reasons for contacting me:

    • When You Can’t Get Off the Couch: Contacting me when you lack motivation or have fallen off your fitness wagon, is imperative! Most of the time, people need just a little support to get the back on track or get moving in the first place. While you will find lots of motivational information and useful exercises on my website, I am happy to personally respond to you if you are feeling stuck.
    • When You Need Some Practical Advice: You can contact me with any fitness related question, be it with regard to a fitness regime, good nutrition or indeed any other matter. Clients of mine have told me that it often is just a matter of reaching out to maintain motivation and focus. If you are only considering taking up exercising or trying to lose weight, feel free to contact me and I will gladly discuss how best to get you started and advise you on how to proceed.
    • When You Have Some Top Tips: Members of the fitness community are also asked to get in touch and share their knowledge, tell their tales or provide additional support for people seeking to get fit. I have been in the fortunate position of availing of the wisdom of a wide variety of nutritionists, fitness instructors, fitness product and service providers and sports enthusiasts all of whom have contributed to my establishing a support structure for clients and fitness seekers.
    • When You Have a Fitness Story to Tell: Motivation is a huge issue when it comes to getting fit and my experience has taught me that “getting fit stories” are among the best providers of motivation. Hearing how someone overcame challenges and managed to get fit and healthy can serve as fuel for someone just starting off. Getting fit requires tenacity, so tell us about yours.
    • When You Know of a Fitness Group or Event: Make sure to allow me to promote your fitness group, class or event, no matter where in the world you are located. My aim is to strengthen an already enormous network of fitness enthusiasts and promote its members and their activities the world over.

    Getting in touch is easy, just use the form below or send me an email at Communication, collaboration and continuing to build a support structure for fitness enthusiasts all over the world is what I am endeavoring to do and I would hope to connect with as many people as I possibly can to further improve this support system.