My mother always says that she knew from the moment I was born that I was a life wire. “Even before you were born, your little legs would be constantly kicking”, she’d often say and go on to describe that in some ways I was simply unstoppable, right from the off. True enough, my first memory is of running down the hill outside our house and of course, falling flat on my face only to quickly rise and continue on. School was hard and I detested the confinement of having to sit still for what seemed like an eternity. Anytime I got a chance, I ran, kicked a ball, jumped, skipped or danced, it didn’t really matter as long as I was moving.

I have always had a “jack in the box” nature and the only time I remember lacking motivation was when I was a spotty teenager and just simply didn’t know what to do with myself, as so many young girls and boys do. That time, I would sit in my room for hours staring at the wall and pondering life thinking that by doing so I would learn and grow. Soon, however, I hit the wall and broke out of my self-imposed solitude and that’s when I really learned just how beneficial exercising is on so many different levels. I realized that physical activity not only serves to build up muscle power, but also infinitely contributes to a healthy mental and emotional state. My teenage angst had soon disappeared and because of this moment of epiphany, I decided to pursue a career sharing with the world just how beneficial exercise is.

Fitness has been my life since, even though admittedly, I am grateful for my moping days, simply because it gives me a greater understanding for people who do not share my motivation and enthusiasm. I can see where they are coming from and most importantly, through my own experience, I can help them to make the transition from lacking motivation to feeling invigorated, full of energy and in their full power.

The change that can occur within a short space of time is truly astounding and I often feel that all that is really required is a change in attitude from “I can’t do this” to something as simple as “I am going for a walk” and by allowing yourself to try, everything changes and falls into place. Trivial things can make an enormous difference and I remember a friend of my who was overweight and miserable. As it happened, she was asked to look after an abandoned dog and after keeping him indoors for several days she knew she had to get off her couch and bring him for a walk just so he wouldn’t go crazy. That first walk utterly changed her life, another followed and another after that, twice a day she would sometimes bring the dog out, and by the time she was able to pass the dog on to his new owner she had not only lost a lot of weight but also had a completely different outlook on life. Needless to say, she soon got a canine friend of her own and continued walking regularly.

I always tell people that making the change is easy and takes but an instant. When I think of some of my clients, many of whom never believed in themselves, I am utterly proud of their achievements. The knowledge that their life is much improved, that they look better and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally brings me endless joy.

My programs are designed around my clients’ individual needs, getting to know them first and hearing their story is always the first item on my list. Having a grasp of a client’s reasoning, motivation or lack thereof, and an understanding of what may bring them joy has proven to be an invaluable part of my work. My friend needed the dog to get her moving, others need a job interview and others still need to find something worth moving for and there always is one thing! Once you take the first step and turn on the engine that is your own motivation, everything will start to fall into place. The further down the road of getting fit people get, the easier everything becomes. One step, that’s all it really takes.

I am thrilled to say that this website has been going from strength to strength, the idea behind it was to make a support system available for clients as well as anyone else who’d like to get fit. On the website you will find lots of tips and advice on getting fit, exercise routines, what to do when you lack motivation, nutrition and an array of other useful information. Clients and strangers can contact me when they are feeling stuck on their road to full fitness and it’s been a pleasure seeing people make such strides!