While this website was originally set up as a platform for my clients and all seeking fitness advice, right from the start I have been asked to support and promote businesses in the fitness industry and have been glad to do so. By making advertising space available and publishing links to various websites, I have found a way of bringing new products and services to fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Advertisers have greatly valued the access to thousands of potential customers and have constantly been praising the benefits of advertising on my site.

They have found that following the placement of their ad on my site their phone did not stop ringing, client numbers rose sharply, website click numbers shot up and product sales literally went through the roof. This success stems from the deep desire inherent in people, a desire to get fit and healthy, and from an immense hunger for information that will help fitness seekers reach their goal. Those driven to exercising are highly motivated and continually on the lookout for products and services that will support them in reaching their objectives. My growing number of now over 13’000 unique website visitors has represented an entirely new client base for fitness service and product providers alike. By ensuring the advertisements fit in well with the content of my website, readers can be confident of being furnished with relevant service and product links. The ads are carefully selected and designed to maximize the impact of the content. Readers have direct access to products and services related to the content and many reportedly go on to check out the website of the relevant advertiser.

We carefully analyze online data to ensure that advertisers are reaching their desired goals. Online advertising is considerably more targeted than conventional advertising due to the fact that large interest groups gather on specific sites in search of specific information. Business catering for such a clientele have immediate access and website visitors enjoy having relevant services and products at their fingertips.

The benefits of advertising on my website can be summarized in the following way:

  • Direct and Easy Access to Thousands of Potential Customers: I can safely say that only people with a desire to get fit and members of the larger fitness community visit my site and that all these visitors are seeking ways of getting fit or staying fit. Advertisers of fitness products and services therefore suddenly find themselves with an entirely new customer base made up of thousands of people seeking their products and services. In contrast to print media and TV ads, this type of online advertising is somewhat of a no-brainer as its success is obvious from the start.
  • The Motivational Factor: Readers continually tell me that in the main they feel motivated and energized on reading my website. This feel good factor has greatly contributed to increased revenue for advertisers as readers appreciate information on products and services that will further help them on their journey to fitness, health and happiness.
  • Professional and Easy: We aim to make life easy for our advertisers and in essence do all the hard work. All we require is some detailed information about your product or service and we will then go on to design and place your ad with top results for your business in mind.

What to Do Next

Please email me at elizabeth@thefitnesschronicles.com and include all important details. If you already have a ready-to-go ad, please attach it to your mail. We will respond quickly, provide you with all necessary information and guide you through the entire process. We do all the hard work and you just sit back and await a crowd of new customers.