The Best Exercises You Many Not Have Ever Tried

Are you bored of carrying out the same old exercises every time? There is no doubt that finding something new and exciting to do can be a big help in staying fit.

Well, if you are looking for innovative and interesting new ways of staying fit then the following exercises are among the best to try. These are all ways of working out that you will love if you give them a try.

A Workout in the Water

These days, the pool isn’t just swimming in. One of the hottest new fitness trends around now involves working out in the water.

This means doing circuits, sprinting and jogging while in the pool. This kind of exercise burns up a huge amount of calories and also offers an interesting way of livening up your exercise routines and keeping them fresh.

Vibration Plate

The idea of using a vibration plate to stay fit easily is something that has got a lot of people excited in recent years. Gym around the world are now filled with this kind of machine, which is easy to use and highly enjoyable too.

If you have never tried this kind of thing before then now is a fine time to do so. Why not check out a site like, to see whether you would like to try it at home too?


You have probably heard of Pilates before now but do you know what it is? This is an exciting type of exercise that a lot of people find to be fun and beneficial in equal measure.

If you have tried yoga before then the positions are very similar, although you will use more apparatus with Pilates. The idea is to carry out each posture perfectly aligned, so it is worth going to some professional classes before trying it at home.


One of the latest crazes to sweep the gyms of the world, zumba is a thrilling mixture of dance and aerobics with other exercise elements added in. This makes it a highly varied and enjoyable way of working out that many people love.

You certainly shouldn’t expect this to be an easy sort of work out that doesn’t tire you out. However, it definitely doesn’t feel boring or like more traditional types of exercise.

Indoor Surfing

You may have once heard that surfing is a wonderful exercise and this is definitely true. But did you know that indoor surfing lets you get started easily without even going to the beach?

There are actually a couple of ways of doing this. One is to use a surf simulator that is like a stand-alone surfboard, while the other involves an even more exciting set-up with waves to negotiate.

Why stick to the same old ways of exercising when you now have so many different alternatives that you can choose from now? Don’t settle for something that doesn’t get you interested anymore, as there are many better options to look at instead.