Proper sports attire for men and women

You don’t want to exercise in your normal clothes. Your clothes will become sweaty and are not always the best choice for a heavy workout. First A diet from Exante Diet (or any other diet company) can help you to lose some weight if you want to do that before you want to buy fitness attire. You can read honest reviews of Exante Diet here. Then, it’s time to visit a sports shop and buy yourself a new fitness outfit. We will tell you about the kind of fitness clothes that you need.

A Sports Shirt

Any kind of exercise requires at least a sports shirt. It’s best to have a set of them. One of them should have long sleeves and a high neckline. This shirt is meant for running or cycling in winter. Then, there should be one or two shirts with short sleeves. This shirt should be breezy because it is meant for summer workouts. Both of them should not be too tight. Flared is not good either. The shirt should fit and feel like you’re not wearing one. It should absorb sweat so you don’t get a cold.

A Pair of Shorts

In summer, you will need a pair of shorts since they are the most comfortable. They provide you with the ability to move around without a pair of pants stopping you. Your legs are free to move around and they are also not too hot after your warming up.

Yoga Trousers

In winter, your normal pair of shorts will be too cold. Instead, you can opt to go for a pair of yoga trousers. They are the perfect workout trousers for indoor sports activities that require quite a bit of agility. They are not the best option for team sports or exercises that include running and jumping.

A Sweater and/or Sports Jacket

You’ll warm up soon enough as you start doing some warming up exercises, but before that time you might catch a cold. The risk if catching a cold is even higher after your training when you are sweaty and an easy target for wind and rain. Therefore, you should have something, a sports sweater or a sports jacket, to put around you as soon as you start cooling down. It’ll prevent you from cooling down too soon. In winter, it’s advised to wear both of them and remove just the jacket if your sports activities take place outdoors. Indoors, you can be a bit more lenient.

Sports Shoes

And the last important clothing item every sportsman or sportswoman should have is a pair of proper sports shoes. For a visit to the gym or sports centre, a pair of regular sports shoes will do. Other sports require specialized shoes. Examples of these specialized shoes are tennis shoes, football shoes, basketball shoes and running shoes. Remember that indoor and outdoor clubs have a different surface and therefore require different shoes. Most indoor sports field won’t even allow any kind of sports shoes on their field as soon as they have been used outdoors. So if you have to alternate between indoor and outdoor sports facilities, you should have two different pair of sports shoes.