4 Must Have Workout Gadgets

Technology is evolving in all areas of our daily lives, especially in the health and fitness industry. Being fit and in-shape is an art, and technology is helping us define that art to get cleaner and more efficient results. Using certain devices to help you with your training can help you track, monitor and shape your progress, not just by simply recording your calories burnt against your calories consumed, but by intelligently assessing other key areas within your health and fitness regimes. Reading through this article you’ll discover four cutting edge technologies that can really help you with your progress.

Ampy Move

The Ampy Move, having moved past its initial development issues, has secured its place as the forerunner for kinetic phone chargers. Kinetic phone charging is a form of energy harvesting  that transforms your movement into useable electricity, in this case, to charge your mobile device via a lithium ion battery.

This device works by attaching it to somewhere on your body. You can then connect it to your phone to receive details about your workout, such as steps, calories burned and distance travelled. The main part of this device, however, is the electricity that it generates through your movement. It is estimated that one hour of exercise will generate around 1 hour of active use battery life for your iPhone 6 and 5 hours of standby charge.

Essentially this device works like a power bank: you charge it up and it then charges your phone in turn; however, you have the added bonus of being able to boost your battery life when you don’t hve access to mains electricity.

Buy here – http://bit.ly/2vXbBVe

Price – £75


You’ve most likely heard of the fitbit: they have become a rather trendy accessory for those wishing to count their steps and generally monitor their behaviour; however, the fitbit can really help your fitness in a serious way.

The newer Fitbits have the capability to track a variety of sports movements and goals. Until this point, fitness trackers such as this one have only focused on activities such as cycling and running; however, we’ve finally arrived at a good, comprehensive fitness tracker for all kinds of exercises, including: weightlifting; swimming; and tennis.

Once again, linking this to your mobile device will open up a huge array of metrics and statistics that you can measure and keep a track of as you measure your progress.


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Price – £49.99 – £299.99

Promixx Shaker

If you’re the type of person that loves a pre or post workout shake, then this is device for you. Have you ever finished a workout that was pretty top-heavy and you really don’t have the energy to mix up your shake. No problem, introducing the Promixx Shaker, the first electronically mixed protein shaker.

Upon the click of a button, your device will mix your shake in 5 seconds, creating a completely smooth shake which is 100% leak-proof. The original Promixx shaker, that is still on sale now, experienced a fair few negative comments, most of which were related to the battery life of the product. Now, with the release of their second product, it seems like all design issues have been straightened out.

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Price – £34.99


This one is extremely cool. This device has been scientifically designed to measure muscle quality and body fat percentage directly through its scanning feature. This will allow you to measure which parts of your body need work. Primarily, this device is targeted at bodybuilders; however, it can be more than useful for those in other practices, such as: cycling; running; swimming; and many other sports.

By connecting this device to your mobile or tablet you will be able to see in-depth details about each muscle and sub-muscle group, pertaining to muscle quality; strength; fat; and size. Once you have analysed your entire body, Skulpt will give you a recommended diet plan to help increase the strength and quality of certain muscle groups. You can then track the progress that you have made in these metrics over time by re-analysing and compare statistics in the analytics function.

Buy here – http://bit.ly/2vYE2SK

Price – £89.99