Fun Ways to Keep Fit for Students

There are plenty of us who’d be happy to admit we’d rather be in the bar with friends than in the gym. And as a student, with so many different social events, extra curricular activities and other things going on, spending time in the gym isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

Plus, the gym can work out quite pricey. While some student accommodation includes a gym on site for its residents, many students will have to budget additionally if they want to go to a gym. That’s simply not always realistic for those on a tight budget.

But thankfully, there are more fun ways to keep fit during your student days. Here are some of our favourites.


Whether you’re taking classes (not always affordable on a budget) or just hitting the club with your friends, dancing burns calories and helps to keep you in shape. So there’s a cracking excuse to spend plenty of time showcasing your finest moves with friends.


So it might not seem like fun to hike up hills in the cold and rain. But wait for a sunny day, grab some friends, put a picnic together and head for the hills. Time spent with friends out of the bustling towns and cities just walking can be really enjoyable. And hiking up hills doesn’t only give you free access to low cost scenery, but could burn some 300 calories an hour in the process.

Team Sports

If you’re at University, chances are there are teams for just about every sport you know exists. Join a team, have fun, keep fit and make friends. Whether it’s rugby, football, tennis or even something completely new to you, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a team sport you enjoy and that will help you to keep fit while having fun.

Active Videogaming

If you often meet with friends to play video games, why not make them more active ones? Granted, you might not think you’ll enjoy Nintendo Wii ping pong as much as the latest Grand Theft Auto, but give it a go. It can be a great laugh with a group.

Enjoy Keeping Fit

It’s so important for your long term health to keep fit but it needn’t be a chore. Getting friends involved and finding fun ways to keep active really is realistic!