Top Workouts for 2018

It’s important to keep on top of exercise trends and shifts in developments so you know you’re utilising your workout to the maximum and getting the most from a regime.

There are constantly new developments in sports science. Developments that help us further understand how the body works and the best way to lost fat by using your body’s mechanisms to manipulate it into losing weight and getting fitter.

With lots of new discoveries in sports science in 2017, there are lots of new things to try and age old routines to stick at if you want to make the most of your workout in 2018.

Keep Strength Training

Strength training has been widely accepted now for both men and women and it’s a trend that is best to be ut8ilised as soon as possible. Using bigger weights that what you would normally used allows your muscle fibres to tear more deeply, meaning that when they repair, they repair leaner and stronger and bigger.

If you’re looking t tone up, it’s perfect for doing so and can help you bulk out and lose excess fat. The extra strain on muscles can burn calories more than twice as fast and can give you muscle definition that you’ve only ever dreamed about.

A good rule of thumb with weight training is the smaller the weight, the smaller you’ll get, the larger the weight, the larger you’ll get – but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! The strong look is in right now and peachy bums and thick legs are made with heavy weights.

Ditch the Cardio Slog

Running for an hour on the treadmill is not an effective way to get the most out of your workout. The exercise is boring for your body and it doesn’t burn as many calories as you would think. Research shows that your calorie burn plateaus at about 15 minutes if the movement and muscles used aren’t mixed up.

Not that running or steady cardio shouldn’t be ignored completely, but make sure it’s not the focus of all of your workouts. Reduce your cardio slogs to around once a week, maybe twice at a push, mix in HIIT workouts and strength training (see above) to make sure your fat is getting its butt kicked right.

If you are doing cardio, make sure you protect your assets, especially as a woman. Your body moves in ways that men’s don’t so strap down your breasts with a breast support band like Boobuddy, you can shop their collection at

Recover Properly

A massive part of the fitness process is making sure your body recovers properly. Getting enough sleep is an integral part of losing weight and getting stronger as it is the time when the body allows itself to recover.

You need to start stretching as well. A lot of people seem to miss this important part of a fitness regime and it needs to stop being forgotten. When you’ve had a heavy strength session or have maxxed out your cardio, take ten minutes to properly stretch out the muscles that have been used in the session.

There are plenty of simple stretches that can be done to make sure your muscles are aided to recovery the way they need to be.