How to Make Bodybuilding Outfits Fashionable

If you are bodybuilding, then you’ve dedicated your time and effort to sculpting your body into chiseled perfection. Of course, your main concern while working out will be comfort, but there’s no reason not to show off the figure you’ve worked so hard to attain. No one is saying that you should come to the gym in a fancy outfit, but if you want your body to be seen and admired, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Men and women who spend hours at the gym deserve their share of attention if they want it. Here are a few tips on how to combine style and comfort for a better experience at the gym.

Pick the right material

While cotton sounds like a great idea, being a completely natural fabric, it is not actually the best choice for the gym. Cotton is very slow to dry, so all your clothes will end up sticking to your body and you will look like you just got out of a swamp. Instead, there are a lot of quick drying synthetic blends on the market that will do a much better job of keeping you looking good. These are breathable fabrics that won’t make your skin break out, and that will make a trip to the gym a more enjoyable experience.

Pick the right cut

When you’re at home, you can put on your favorite baggy shirt and a pair of sweatpants and you’ll feel safe and comfortable. However, the same logic should not apply to the gym, because baggy clothing can be a big hindrance. If your workout wear is too loose, then it will get in the way and impair your movements, or make it harder to see whether your form is good or not. Guys need to pay special attention to this because gym wear for men tends to be tighter than they are used to, so they shun it in favor of old, worn-out sweatshirts and tracksuits. It’s much better to have something that’s form fitting – neither too tight, nor too loose. It will not hinder your range of movement and it also won’t make you trip over your own feet. And let’s face it – what’s a better way to show off the body you’re proud of? Change your sneakers regularly as well, because your feet need to have proper support at all times in order to avoid accidental injury.

Match the colors

While gym clothes allow for more freedom of expression, it’s considered proper decorum to not poke people’s eyes out with your all neon-colored outfit. If you’re not sure what to do, then wear black or grey with a pop of color here and there. Stick to solid colors and then grab a pair of wacky sneakers to make your outfit more interesting. The aforementioned neon is actually great when used in small doses. If you’re a lady, then don’t wear any jewelry, especially if it’s something that dangles. Chances are it will only get in the way and make you look ridiculous.

There is no need for any accessories at all if you’re a bodybuilder. Your body is your best accessory, it’s your pride and joy, and there’s absolutely no reason for you not to show it off to everyone around you. While comfort comes first, paying attention to appearance isn’t a crime. While people do come to the gym to work and get stronger, they are also there because they want to look a certain way. So, when you do reach your goal and look just the way that you want to look, show the world what you’ve accomplished. After all, this can be a great motivator for you to go on and do even better.