How Low Levels of Testosterone Affect Your Relationship

Do you value your relationship a lot? If yes, then it is about time that you understood the implications of low level of testosterone. The last thing you want is to see your relationship heading south simply because your performance in bed is pathetic. Unfortunately, so many people have witnessed as the sweetness in their relationship turn sour and even resulting to breakups.

Research indicates that approximately 20% of relationships across the world break due to failed performance in bed. It would not be a great thing to be part of the losing percentage. Before you even go to solving the problem, here are some of the dangers that face you due to low testosterone levels:


  • Reduced Libido


There is nothing as suicidal as lack of libido in a relationship. There is no need to clarify that sex is the number one priority in any relationship. Imagine a situation where you lack total interest in sex. This is what we term as low libido.

Science has it that lack of libido is brought about by reduced testosterone in the body. It starts as a small issue and eventually advances into something serious. If you must have satisfactory sex with your partner, then there is the need to have your testosterone level on point.


  • Infertility


This is even worst as compared to lack of libido. It would be better to have traces of libido in you than lack the capacity to sire children. Unfortunately, some men and women are victims of this disaster. It would be a nightmare to realize that you can hardly conceive. You must not wait for such an unfavorable occurrence to hit you. It is absolutely necessary to have a medical checkup just to bring things to the right channel. It may be hard to restore fertility but it is easy to remedy the problem at early stages.


  • Financial Instability


Things do not stop at infertility and low libido. Reduced levels of testosterone can go ahead and touch your pocket in an unfavorable manner. There is no doubt that anything that sucks dry a man or woman in a relationship will touch even the sensitive matters. Quite a large number of people have already broken up as a result of financial problems.

The first thing that happens after reduction of testosterone is to seek medical ways of restoring everything. This is where individuals inject a lot of money in different medical procedures. Eventually, you will realize that a lot of money has been used. Financial instability reflects as instability in relationships.


  • Lost Self-esteem


There is nothing as huge as self-belief and self-esteem. These are the two forces that direct people towards the right direction. Self-esteem is a major driver of relationship. It takes self-esteem to perform remarkably well in bed. Without normal levels of testosterone, the impact will be directed towards your self-esteem. It will be totally embarrassing to face your partner. It will be even worse to face the world. In most cases, this leads to depression. Some people opt to exit relationships due to this problem.

To evade this trouble, it is greatly advised that you should consider implementing measures that can help in boosting testosterone. Only then will you regain the confidence of facing your partner. Your capacity in bed will be improved.


It is clear that low testosterone level in the body can be messy. Evidently, no relationship stands the chance of growing further when testosterone is amiss. In this regard, there is great necessity in ensuring that the level of testosterone in your body is maintained at normal.