3 Tips for Help You Bounce Back After A Major Illness

Especially during this year’s cold and flu season, there are a lot of people getting knocked down with some major illnesses. But aside from that, people the world over are diagnosed with illness or diseases that take weeks or months to recover from on a very regular basis. So once you’ve beaten your illness, what can you do to help your body recover and bounce back to your former health? To help accomplish this, here are three tips to help you get healthy again after a major illness.

The Importance Of Proper Nutrition

To give your body the vitamins, nutrients, and strength it needs to fight off whatever’s going on within your body, you have to be fueling yourself with the right foods. When you’re sick, you might be tempted to just eat whatever’s most convenient. However, if you want to get better faster, you need to focus on proper nutrition. According to Julie K. Silver, a contributor to AARP, you should try to eat foods that have a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, and Bromelain. All of these vitamins and minerals will help your body strengthen itself in the ways that most illnesses and injuries require.

Start Off Slow

Once your body’s ready to get a little more physical activity, it can be hard to know how far you can push yourself as you’re still recovering. Especially if you’re used to being active, you might have a big desire to get back out there and functioning at the level you were before you got sick. But according to Cassie Shortsleeve, a contributor to Shape.com, it’s vital that you start off slow. Try beginning by doing just some light cardio and basic resistance training until you feel 100 percent. Once you’ve built up a bit of your old strength, you should be able to exercise to whatever extent you feel comfortable.

Limit Your Stress

When you’re body’s trying to heal, one of the worst things that can impede your progress is stress. If you feel stressed, it can put your body in fight-or-flight mode, which can make it hard for your body to focus on healing you. So according to Nathania Maddox, a contributor to LiveStrong, you should do whatever you can to limit your stress when you’re trying to heal. This may mean being more patient with yourself and your body as it works to get back to its prior health. Additionally, the better you’re able to handle your stress, the greater your chances are of staying healthy in the future as well.

If you’re just getting over an illness and can’t wait to get your typical health back, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do this in a healthy way.