You Wouldn’t Believe How Many Calories You Burn Playing Golf!

One of the most popular participation sports across the world, golf is also a great source of exercise. That’s not all, as it is a game of great skill – one where there is always something more to learn – and one that carries with it many social advantages. After all, many business deals are signed, sealed and delivered over the course of 18 holes and refreshments in the 19th, and always have been! With Scotland considered the ‘home’ of golf – there are more courses there than anywhere else in the UK – and top class golf courses across Great Britain, it’s no surprise that golf is big business, with many accessories and clothing items selling every day.

However, there is one aspect to playing golf that many people find a chore, yet it is essential: we are talking about carrying that heavy bag of clubs around all 18 holes, and it really can take it out of even the strongest of players. In fact, research has shown that a standard round of golf can burn between 400 and 700 calories every round, depending on the person and the rate of play, which is a lot! There is a way you can cut this down, and we’re going to tell you more!

Buy a Golf Cart

That’s the answer: buy yourself a golf cart, preferably one of the powered versions! What do they do? Well, an electric golf trolley is a very clever device that carried your bag for you. Some can even be programmed to drive themselves, and many are remotely controlled. You can set them to run a certain distance then stop, at the touch of a button, and on one full charge they carry enough power for at least a full round and in many cases two. These really are a great investment, and are not as expensive as you may believe.

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Making Life Easier

An electric golf trolley is your personal caddy, and taking that strain out of your game really does make life easier. It also makes your game more enjoyable, and you can impress your friends with your new toy! There’s no substitute for a leisurely round of golf on a beautiful sunny day, with friends or colleagues, so why not have a look at the range of electric golf trolleys right now? You’ll soon wonder how you managed to get by without one of these brilliant devices.