Why Protein Throughout the Day is Important for Women

No one can really argue about the importance of protein in a woman’s diet. It contains critical amino acids used for muscle repair, in the skin’s structure, to support the immune system, and to build strong bones. One of the biggest questions about protein is how often to eat it. The answer is that a woman should consume protein throughout the day.

Why Should a Woman Spread Protein Consumption Out

Think about how a typical day goes. You get up and grab a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast for breakfast. About mid-morning, the carbs you ate for breakfast crash and you scramble for a snack, usually a bag of chips or a granola bar. Finally, lunch comes. Sandwich and salad it is. By mid-afternoon, your lunch is gone and the snack machine is calling. Another bag of chips or maybe a chocolate chip cookie. Dinner time arrives and it is a hearty meal that include roasted chickens, green vegetables, and brown rice. And, if hunger strikes again, grab some popcorn before you go to bed.

Where is the protein for women? The only clear source of protein in the entire day is the roasted chicken eaten at dinner. Yes, protein can be found in some of the foods, but at so low a level that the person eating them cannot feel their benefits.

Protein makes a person feel satiated. What if the person had a lean meat for breakfast instead of a high-sugar cereal or carb-rich piece of toast? It is likely that the mid-morning crash would not happen because proteins help you feel fuller, longer.

Protein regulates hunger hormones. So, not only does it make you feel fuller, it helps tame the hunger cravings you would get if you hadn’t eaten in a while. That will help a woman avoid that late night snack before going to bed.

Protein-rich foods come in a variety of forms. You don’t have to eat a slab of meat with every meal and snack to get enough protein. Plant-based protein offer the chance to get other essential nutrients at the same time. Try some legumes, green leafy vegetables, and even seaweed for a protein boost. An omelette with cheese and vegetables combines animal and plant-based protein for a satisfying meal.

The body can synthesize protein only at a certain rate. When you consumer a large quantity of protein in a single meal, your body cannot metabolize it all. Some of that protein will not get processed and will be expelled. That means your 50 gram protein dinner may only get you 30 grams of protein for women you need.


What is the Best Type of Protein for Women?

Are plant-based proteins or animal-based proteins best for women? This is a hotly debated topic among fitness experts and dietitians. Animal proteins tend to be complete proteins, meaning they contain all 9 essential amino acids. Plant proteins, for the most part, are not complete proteins, meaning they contain between 1 and 8 of the amino acids. Vegetarians quite often combine plant proteins to get a complete set in a given meal. The best protein powder for women is subjective to the taste and mixability.


So, what is the best type of protein for women? It is the protein they want and will eat so they enjoy the benefits of this macro-nutrient.