The Advantages of High Intensity Interval Training

If you are searching for a good way to get an effective workout routine, or are simply looking for ways to challenge yourself, giving in to high intensity interval training might be the best option for you. As suggested by the name, it is an interval style of training, introducing intense and quick bursts of activity, then followed by shorter periods of recovery.


This means that during those short bursts of intensity, you give everything, all of your strength, and then take a quick rest. Afterwards, the cycle is repeated. By giving your all, the short bursts of intensity will leave you breathing hard. This technique in training has already caught the attention of many sports enthusiasts during the recent years.


More Efficient Techniques


A high intensity interval training is considered as more efficient compared to a standard workout routine. This is particularly true for individuals who only have limited time to spend on workouts. About 20 to 30 minutes of HIIT is already enough for this kind of workout training. Even though you may not spend as much amount of time inside the gym, these intense bursts of energy will easily make up for what you usually spend on a steady workout session.


Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness


By allowing yourself to go through a high intensity interval training, you can work wonders with your metabolism. This is because your body burns calories during the session as well as for some hours after it . This can lead to more fat loss, especially if you want to lose weight or maintain weight by toning up.


On top of that, high intensity interval training is amazing for your cardiovascular health since you cycle in between peak heart rate and going back to the normal rate. Through time, your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient at potentially lowering your heart rate almost immediately after an intense burst of activity.  


With this type of training, you will start to notice the toning of your body shape, better lung capacity to deal with high intensity interval workouts and more endurance, enhancing your fitness. If you train for a marathon, for example, combining these workouts along with your regular training sessions will further help you to build on improving your endurance.


You Grow Together With It


This benefit is often overlooked. Engaging in high intensity interval training will grow itself within you. Other workout routines cause an individual to experience a plateau at a certain point. This is obvious on people who train over and over again. With intense bursts, however, maximum effort is required and you improve along with your peak performance. Therefore, you can easily break through plateaus, getting in better shape more readily.


Still, this training method is not necessarily a replacement for your current routine. For example, if you are an avid fan of golf, you can still enjoy playing your favorite sport, as well as spend some time enjoying high intensity interval training to enhance your fitness further.