Keeping Your Mind Fit & Healthy Too

It is indeed true that a healthy body is a healthy mind and that physical exercise does a lot to keep your mind fit, but your mind also needs some of its own specialised exercise in order to specifically target its functionality for top performance. Yes, your mind works 24/7/365 from the day you’re born to the day you depart, but by no means does this mean it needs the kind of rest which would have it functioning at below capacity.

The mind is an amazing thing – the only stimulation it needs is that which challenges it, not that which has you feeling like a few brain cells have just died. That’s why it’s really not a nice feeling being in the presence of something which makes you cringe at its sheer stupidity, so don’t ever neglect to keep developing your mind in a bid to keep it fit and healthy. The more the mind works, the fitter and healthier it becomes and if you stop exercising it then you’re only doing yourself a disservice.

So what is it which you should do in order to keep your mind fit and healthy?

Well it’s as simple as keeping it engaged and challenged really. You simply have to be constantly thinking about stuff, not in a frivolous manner but rather thinking about better and more efficient ways to do whatever it is you do on a daily basis.

With the same breath I have to say that the aim is not to give yourself a headache breaking your head over things. You don’t have to do something like play an intense game of chess against the computer everyday or try to solve a string-theory equation. All you have to do is give your mind something new to store in at least one of the many neurons it grows every day, otherwise that’s a wasted neuron – a neuron which does nothing but fill up space and contains some “empty” space which leaves room for negative thoughts.

So something as simple as perhaps using a platform such as lotto 247 to practice your numbers memory skills is more than enough, for example you can pick numbers based on a new phone number you might be trying to memorise or you can select your numbers in line with the birthdays of some special people in your life you’re trying to memorise.

What I personally like to do is since I’m learning a new language, I select random numbers but while doing so I recite them in the new language I’m learning. This way it makes me feel like I’ve not wasted a single second of my time otherwise completing a repetitive task while getting nothing more out of it than giving myself a chance to win some mega bucks.

So yeah, that’s all it takes to give your mind the kind of exercise which will keep it fit and healthy too. Otherwise your mind gets adequate rest through the complex process of entering into the subconscious state when you’re sleeping, so don’t worry about overusing it.