Hitting the Road Again: Meeting Your Fitness Targets While Away

If you do a lot of business traveling it can be a major challenge to stay in shape when you struggle to maintain a regular healthy eating and fitness regime.

There are still ways to keep your fitness goals on track despite the fact that it seems like you spend more time on the road than home.

Here are some pointers on how to beat the bulge, including a strategy to make up for lost time, a way to make the most of basic fitness facilities, plus a simple but rewarding way to start your day on the right foot.

Use your diary as a fitness guide

You will be constantly checking your diary to see when your next trip away is and making plans to get all the flights, accommodation and meetings confirmed, and it is also the perfect opportunity to use those dates to schedule in some exercise.

If you are going to be away traveling for about ten days of the month, for example, that means that you are effectively losing those ten days out of your usual fitness regime, so the way to combat the negative effect of that absence would be to schedule in some extra gym sessions to compensate.

The ultimate aim is to burn sufficient calories each month to keep you in the right shape, so if you manage to get ahead of the game by burning some extra calories before you go away with some more fitness sessions, the impact of your absence won’t be so harshly felt by your body.

Even a basic gym will do

That tactic of banking some extra burnt calories only really works if you are away for a few days at a time, but if you are going to be gone for four days or longer you will have to consider hitting the gym while you are away.

If you are staying at a hotel like the Marriott Keys Collection you should be able to access gym facilities on site or nearby, so you can get a workout scheduled into your day at some point.

Even a basic gym setup will offer you a treadmill and some weights to use, so you should be able to do some cardio and strength training, even if it is not as full-on or varied as the routine you have at home.

Go for a run

Going for a run is a real no-brainer way of raising your heart rate and getting familiar with the city where you are staying.

Most major cities have a series of running routes that you can follow and you should be able to find them easily with a quick internet search or by asking someone locally.

A run is often a great way to start the day, leaving you energized for the tasks ahead of you and it will help you combat any effects you might be feeling from a heavy business dinner the night before.

It also has to be said that you can’t expect to outrun a bad diet, so aim to stick with some healthy eating choices when you are on the road and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Regular business trips can threaten your health and fitness but there are plenty of ways to fight back and stay in shape while you are away.