HITT Workout for MMA Muscle Building

one of the best betting sites online - William HillMMA fighting is about pure resistance, over the edge cardio and powerful muscles over body building. This workout routine is designed to do just that. Forget about slow fat loosing exercises, this will turn your body into a hardcore machine.

HITT stands for High Intensity Training, short but intense workout sessions with only 5 second rests in the whole routine. One routine to work out the entire body muscle groups.

Warning: This exercise routine is very advanced, both physically and mentally tuff.

Workout Basics

Begins with a warmup, station workout and a set of grip strength moves. There will be 5 stations with exercises performed back to back. Perform as many reps as possible on each stations for 60 seconds, then move to the next station. Each full circle of exercises must be done 3 times with short rests of 5 seconds. After finishing a complete round rest for 60 seconds and take some water.

The intensity and timing of the exercises is designed to be very similar to a combat situation where your cardio will be hard pressed. The complete cycle should take no more or less than 5 minutes. This would be 5 minute per round fight with 5 rounds in total.


Sprints (5 minutes) – raises your heart rate and engages muscle fibers. 25 meter sprints with walks back.

Station Workout

1. Upper Body and Muscle Endurance (5 minutes)

Build your upper body to work on chest, arms, endurance, triceps and back.

Pushups –  15 reps

Jumping Jacks – 15 reps

Bench Dips – 15 reps

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

2. Full Body and Stamina (5 minutes)

The second circuit is a bit intense, it focuses on building the body´s capacity to perform under extreme levels of stress and fatigue. Builds strength and power.

Heavy Bag Burpees – 10 reps

Burpee Clean and Press/25-lb dumbbell – 10 reps

Burpees with 15-lb dumbbell – 10 reps

Burpees – 10 reps

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

3. Cardio and Endurance (5 minutes)

This high intensity circuit keeps the heart rate elevated and conditions the body to perform anaerobically for superior endurance.

Fast High Knees – 10 reps

Mountain climbers – 10 reps

Jumping Jacks – 10 reps

Plank Jacks – 10 reps

Split Lunges – 10 reps

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

4. Weight Resistance, Aerobic and Anaerobic (5 minutes)

A mix of the past few exercises including squats, presses, shoulders, push-outs, and bent over rows.

Goblet Squat – 10 reps

Squat Overhead Press – 10 reps 

Triceps Press – 10 reps

Shoulder Circles – 10 reps

Bicep Curls – 10 reps

Push-Outs – 10 reps

Bent Over Rows – 10 reps

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

5. Core and Maximum Capacity Building (5 minutes)

The final station touches all aspects of the body workout, but with a primary focus on the core with tire sledge, band pulls, and ab wheel rollouts. The core is one of the most important aspects during a fight, it keeps your power and balance.

Med Ball Touches – 10 reps

Tire Sledge – 10 reps

Power-wheel Rollouts – 10 reps

Band Pulls/Snap Downs – 10 reps

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

 Bonus Round: Grip Work, Hand Muscles

Regular workout exercises do not focus on grip, but this is a secret weapon for an MMA fighter. The grip is a key element during submissions and while grappling, it also adds impressive fire power to punches. Use tennis balls to tighten your grip while doing push-ups and bar pulls. Use two to three fingers to hold them.

Thick Rope Pull-Ups – 10 reps

Fat Bar Pull-Ups – 10 reps

Plate Pinch – Hold two plates weight plates of different weight (25lbs recommended) on each hand.

*Do as many reps as possible in the time lapse of 5 minutes.

**Repeat the whole circuit (3) times.

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