High Runner: How Cannabis Is Fueling a New Fitness Movement

For many decades now, America has been a dream land for weed enthusiasts.An increasing number of states are preparing for legalization while others have already embraced it. Marijuana has made its way in the world of athletes as well, since it is known to have many health benefits. The “lazy stoner” stereotype is slowly being demystified, as there are manifold positive cannabis-induced effects that athletes can benefit from and boost their performance. That’s why it’s no surprise cannabis has started to fuel a new fitness movement. Read on to find out more about it.

The spectrum of different “highs”

The runner’s high – every single jogging/sprinting enthusiast knows the feeling: there’s just something liberating about going out for a run, using your muscles and breaking a ton of sweat.
It is a common misconception that the endorphins released while your body is active are the sole reason for the famous “runner’s high.” According to a 2003 study, exercise actually triggers the endocannabinoid system in the exact same way weed does. To elaborate, the endocannabinoid system is a group of lipids and cell receptors that cannabinoids are bound to inside our bodies and is responsible for pain relief, appetite control, as well as positively influencing mood and memory. In other words, the “runner’s high” and the “stoner’s high” have more in common than we have originally thought.

Fitness and marijuana are akin

In addition to boosting health, making you physically and mentally stronger, a physical activity greatly helps with stress-relief. All hard-core professionals (workaholics) know that relaxing your mind and body is just as important for achieving success as ambition and hard work are – all work and no play will cause you to burn out. Alternatively, engaging in activities that result in relaxation is equally crucial as doing things that are actually relaxing, which is one thing that marijuana and exercise have in common. This, along with the destigmatizing of the substance in question, has allowed weed to enter the fitness movement, fueling it and making it a better and a more natural process. Equally effective when it comes to stress relief, cannabis and fitness are an excellent combination.

The weed fitness movement

Things are already underway in terms of the weed fitness movement. For example, Jim McAlpine, a San Francisco-based gym owner is working towards opening the country’s first cannabis gym, Power Plant Fitness. Controversial as this may sound, McAlpine’s gym will offer cannabis performance assessments from trainers, who will make sure that the gym rats who opt for membership in this gym get weed-assisted workout plans. Additionally, every gym-goer will be able to buy Power Plant-branded edibles on the spot.

Go safe

Even though the fact that cannabis is legal in certain US states, still, many people still find it difficult to wrap their heads around the idea of cannabis medicinal use.Weed can be bought illegally, even in the states that have made its legal purchase available. As a weed-gym enthusiast, it’s important that you always buy the substance through legal channels, such as medical marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, in order to make sure that you stay healthy and perform at top level at all times.

How does weed help?

Well, according to recent studies, pot has a tendency of increasing the pain threshold and reducing anxiety and inflammation, thereby allowing for a more efficient workout. Additionally, according to McAlpine, it can “help you get into the zone, into an eye-of-the-tiger mode.”

It is only a matter of time until weed and exercise become a common combination. Cannabis is definitely finding its place in the fitness community and as long as you have the reasoning behind it and you buy it legally from a reputed Online dispensary like 420Now, you’re likely to experience a world of benefits when it comes to this brand-new weed fitness movement.


People tend to now realize the benefits provided by weed. And with ongoing scientific research and studies, it is expected that weed will be soon legalized in every part of the world. Gone are the days when weed was considered to be a taboo. In the present day, weed appears to be nothing less than a boon for curing certain ailments.