Fun Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in York

With all the outdoor activities the city of York has to offer, your head can quite literally go into a spin as you try to figure out where to go and what to do first. I often find that it’s best to just go with what comes to mind first and think about it later. This will lead to a chain reaction of some more fun outdoor activities to engage in.

Of course, every fun outdoor activity necessitates somewhere relaxing to rest your head when you’re done. Sites such as iknow-UK have plenty of choices for all accommodation for a York holiday.

I’ve listed some fun outdoor activities here just so that you can get that much-needed push most visitors to the city need in order to kick-start all the fun. So pick one and set the train in motion!

Okay, so if you really don’t know where to go and/or what to do first, I highly recommend getting a good measure of the layout of the city with the York City Sightseeing Bus Tour. This way you can take in all the historical sites at a steady pace and get a good grounding on just what the city is all about, its history and what it has to offer.

Tours run every day and I’d recommend that you go as early as possible during the day.

Walking Tours

Since the sightseeing bus tour follows a set path, you might spot some places along the route you perhaps want to explore in greater detail, in which case you can take your pick from one of the many walking tours on offer. Perhaps save the ghost walking tours for after dark so that you can get a more authentic experience (scare), otherwise, you can go on the escorted York Photo Walks.

Remember to bring your camera or your mobile to take full advantage of some unique photo opportunities, because that is, after all, what this tour is all about.


Whether you’ve had breakfast or not, by this time your stomach will probably start grumbling, so it’ll probably make for the perfect time to grab your late breakfast, early lunch or brunch. If you’re out and about exploring York on a Saturday, head on over to the Royal Oak Pub in Goodramgate to kill two birds with one stone and get your late morning fill while learning about local cuisine as you enjoy the Discover & Dine Experience.

Proceedings kick-off at 11:30 on Saturdays, but during some of the weekdays the experience opens much later on in the day, but there are plenty of other options for those who are out and about during the week.

Main Event

To work off your late breakfast, early lunch or brunch you’ll perhaps want to really get into some physically engaging activity and there are plenty on offer. Head to the Web of Adventure Park for some exploration of a 2-acre outdoor adventure park for the kids, or take a walk around the Animal Zone to get better acquainted with some chimps, ponies, guinea pigs, rabbits (and giant rabbits), alpacas and lots, lots more!

Alternatively, your “main event” can take the form of engaging in one or more of the many open air activities offered by Lost Earth Adventures, including Gorge Walking, Climbing, Canyoning, Abseiling, Biking, Hiking, etc.