Can Whey Protein Help Promote Weight Loss?

Did you know that protein actually helps you lose weight? And that it is, without a doubt, the most satisfying macronutrient there is?

Numerous studies done through the years have shown that protein can actually augment energy expenditure by as much as 100 calories each day, and help people consume as less as 441 fewer calories per day. One particular research study concluded that ingesting a quarter of the daily calories in protein slashed down hunger pangs by as much as 60% and greatly lessened the cravings for a late night food run by 50%!

Now that we have established these great weight-loss facts involving protein, the question now is: can the same be said for whey protein? The answer is a resounding yes as consuming whey protein is a great way to bolster your daily protein intake, which sets you right up to experience an array of other health benefits apart from weight loss.

Taking whey protein and combining this with weight lifting or even strength training can result in an estimated weight loss of eight pounds while also raising lean muscle mass. If your goals are to lose weight and just have a better overall physique, then adding a whey protein supplement to your diet can help you attain those.

Other Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey is more than just a high-quality protein source, it also contains a bevy of other healthy nutrients such lactoferrin and beta-lactoglobulin. It also has a copious amount of alpha-lactalbumin and immunoglobulins.

Apart from muscle and strength development, whey protein can provide you with a number of other health-related benefits, which includes reduced blood pressure and blood sugar levels, as well as lowered symptoms of stress and depression.

Whey protein may also shield your body from cancer, diminish the symptoms of hepatitis, raise the mineral density in your bones, and develop better immune functions in patients suffering from HIV.

The fact that whey protein holds very high levels of the amino acid cysteine appears to facilitate a lot of these health benefits. Cysteine pulls this off by increasing the levels of glutathione, which is the primary antioxidant substance found in your body’s cells.

Should You Consider Taking BSN Syntha-6?

One of the more touted whey protein products in the market today is BSN Syntha-6. Produced by Bio-Engineered Supplements or BSN for short, BSN Syntha-6 is a whey protein powder that has six different proteins as well as a wide array of ingredients that delivers different benefits to your body.

BSN Syntha-6 is this particular company’s flagship product and as such, endorses it as an “ultra premium lean muscle protein powder.” Holding more than 30 different ingredients, this product mixes fast and slow absorbing nutrients that provides your body with hours upon hours of what experts and fitness buffs call as “protein stacking” which promotes muscle growth during your recovery time after the product has been used to provide fuel for your training session.

If you are someone who is just starting to get serious about lifting or even if you are just curious about the effects of whey protein supplementation, then you really can’t go wrong with BSN Syntha-6.