5 Ways to Use CBD to Ease Anxiety

As more and more people become aware of the calming, mood-improving effects of CBD, the good folks selling it are growing ever more inventive. Today there are more ways of enjoying CBD than ever before, with newer and better ideas coming along every day.

Whether you’re new to CBD or a seasoned veteran, and whether you just need help with some momentary stress or struggle daily with anxiety, there’s a CBD product for you. Here are five of the very best when it comes to soothing nerves and easing tension.

For all-day assistance…

…try CBD oral strips!

Perfect for when you need something you can take with you anywhere and get relief from at any time, CBD oral strips come in small chewing gum-esque packages. Fittingly, many are available in gum-esque flavors such as mint and citrus. Simply put one in your mouth and feel it dissolve under your tongue, providing a discreet and fast-acting way of getting that much-needed dose of CBD into your system whenever and wherever you encounter unexpected stress. Ideal for busy people always on the go.

For a relaxing bath…

…try CBD bath bombs!

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a nice, long, hot bath. And bath bombs have been all the rage for years now. Hard-packing various essential oils and aromatherapy scents into a form that dissolves quickly and colorfully in water, it’s not hard to see why CBD would be a natural fit for such a thing. CBD is most commonly used as oil and vapor, so compressing it into a bath bomb (as you can see here), could be a convenient way of combining two of the most comfortable leisure activities around into a single indulgent experience.

For a sweet treat…

…try CBD edibles!

Got a sweet-tooth? There’s a good reason edibles are among the most popular CBD products on the market, and your options aren’t just limited to brownies either. If it’s a hot day, chill out with a couple scoops of CBD-infused ice cream. If you’re having a Netflix movie night, curl up on the couch with a bag of CBD-infused gummies. And if you’re a java junkie, then the best part of waking up might just be some CBD-infused coffee in your cup.

For aches & pains…

…try CBD ointments!

Anxiety isn’t just bad for the mind. It’s bad for the body, too. Too much stress can result in taut muscles, upset stomachs, and throbbing headaches. Fortunately, CBD can be absorbed through the skin just as well as any other part of the body. CBD ointments and other topical remedies have proven useful in treating inflammations, cramps, arthritis, and all sorts of other physical aches and pains.

For extra-strength relief…

…try CBD dabs!Sometimes you need a little extra help. When times are tough and the world’s got you down, you might find that a couple drops of CBD oil just doesn’t do the trick. That’s where CBD dabs come in. Dabs are heavily purified concentrations of CBD. In fact, they’re so pure that they are made up almost entirely of CBD, with all excess hemp material removed. That means that when you vaporize a dab, what you’re breathing in is the most potent form of CBD available, resulting in stronger and faster-acting relief.