5 Ways To Boost Your Workout

Going to the gym is the first step to moving towards your fitness goals.  Some people arrive and think that going is simply enough.  However, in order to really make your body transform you have to put in a significant amount of effort.  This means not only showing up and moving around a bit but breaking a sweat and feeling your body ache at the end.

While breaking a sweat and working your muscles towards fatigue is something that deems a “real” workout, there are still more ways to make your workout even better and achieve your fitness goals in even less time. Here are some of the most effective ways to boost your workout.

Take Supplements

Studies show that taking an extra supplement 30 minutes before you workout can enhance your energy levels and increase your muscle tone.  You can either buy a powder to mix into a smoothie and drink this as a meal replacement or depending on your fitness goals, you could also opt for a capsule.

Supplements are a great way to know exactly what kind of vitamins you are putting into your body and increase your stamina during your workout.

Skip Breakfast

Studies show that short-term periods of fasting actually increase muscle build and burn fat rather than burning through food.  Not only will you lose weight faster but you will get stronger from these short bursts of not eating.

Next time you go to the gym try working out on an empty stomach and watch how fast your weight drops compared to having eaten breakfast.

High-Intensity Intervals

Try working out for short periods of extreme intensity followed by medium, and low intensity.  These short bursts of extreme intensity burn fat in a smaller amount of time than if you were to work at the same level for the duration of the workout.

Sometimes the exercise machines have pre-set intensity interval training settings and automatically take you up and down throughout your workout.

Drink Water

Drinking water is something that will keep you from getting overheated and fatigued and will sustain the energy and length of your workout.

Try keeping a bottle near you at all times during your workout and you will notice that you don’t get as tired quickly.

Do Something You Enjoy

If your workout is something that you don’t enjoy you aren’t going to burn as many calories since you won’t be as into it.  When you enjoy a physical activity not only is your body into it but your mind is as well.

Not only will your movements be deeper but you won’t find excuses to stop early.  Try different workouts until you find a few that you really enjoy and then alternate between them to avoid boredom.