5 Tips For Whiter Teeth

White teeth don’t just look better, but they feel better.  White teeth indicate that your mouth is clean and absent of debris and build up.  If you’re someone that feels like your teeth are less than white, it can leave you feeling self-conscious about smiling or being close to anyone.

The key to getting whiter teeth isn’t as complicated as it might seem.  There are several methods to help you achieve the level of whiteness that you hope for.  Here are a few for you to take a look at.

Buy a Whitening Kit

Although some people may frown upon using chemicals which contain bleach, let’s face it, bleach is effective! You can either go to a dentist who will bleach your teeth professionally, or you can buy a kit yourself to use at home.

Although you might believe that a professional is the best way to go, at-home kits can be just as effective, and considerably cheaper.  Experts recommend waiting at least a year in between bleaching so that your teeth can rest between treatments.

Brush With Baking Soda

Brushing with baking soda is an old school trick which still stands to be true. It has natural whitening properties which will lighten your teeth without the use of chemicals.

In addition to having natural whitening properties, it’s also lightly abrasive, which helps clear away build up.  Just be sure to alternate with a toothbrush containing fluoride. Otherwise, your teeth will start to decay over time.

Brush With Charcoal

The rumors are true!  You really can achieve a whiter smile by brushing your teeth with activated charcoal.  Because charcoal is such an absorbent substance, it will help clear away anything resting on top of your enamel.

However, it’s essential to know before you start brushing that it can be extremely alarming! Your entire mouth will be stained black for the duration of your tooth brushing session.

However, fear not, it easily rinses away, and a whiter, cleaner smile is revealed.

Avoid Smoking

Have you ever noticed that smokers tend to have a yellow film around the edges of their gums and even brown stripes depending on how much they smoke?

Not only can smoking give you lung cancer, but it’s not going to do your future in teeth modeling any favors either!  If whiter teeth are your goal, stay as far away from smoking as possible.

Brush Your Teeth After Drinking Coffee

News flash, coffee stains your teeth!  However, a lot of people can’t imagine getting up every day without their cup of coffee.  Therefore, if you can’t stand to part with your precious coffee, then at least rinse your mouth every time. You’ll find that the staining will be much less than had you not rinsed with water afterward.