4 Pillars of Good Health

Good health needs to be a priority. Anyone who falls away from that basic concept is eventually going to get a rude awakening about what it means to live a satisfying life. You can have all the money in the world, and you can have all the opportunities within your grasp, but if you don’t have good health, it all amounts to very little.

In particular, you can look at the food you eat, the exercise you get, your attitude toward life, and then the ever important factor of hydration. By looking at those four pillars of good health, you have the basic framework within which to create an active and enjoyable life for yourself.


To a degree, your good health is always going to start with food. You want to eat a balanced diet, and then you also can pay attention to supplements that are recognized by the greater medical community as being beneficial to your specific lifestyle. Not all supplements are for everyone, but there are probably several additives that you can put into your meal plans that can help boost up specific immune responses that you need, or keep away potential health conditions that you may have.


Without getting the proper amount of exercise, your body is not going to be running at peak condition. Chances are, without the right amount of exercise, your body isn’t even going to be running at an average pace. It doesn’t take four hours of weightlifting a day to keep your physical presence at a reasonable level, but you should pay attention to guidelines that physical therapists in particular provide. Looking online, you can see what range of motion and what basic physical expectations for your age range are most appropriate, and then begin your physical fitness routine from there.


Having a good attitude is essential to being healthy. You can eat the best foods and have the best workout in the world, but without approaching life as a challenge in a positive manner, you’re going to fall off the end of the spectrum of happiness. You can see it all over the place – people that look like they are in good physical condition, but have a huge scowl on their face.


Food, exercise, and attitude will get you a long way. One aspect of good health that is often missed though is ineffective hydration. If you don’t drink enough water, or if you drink too many juices or too much coffee, tea, or soda, you can end up in a state of dehydration. The right amount of water is one of the most important things that you can do to keep all of your bodily functions acting appropriately, so make sure to bake that into your daily routine.