4 Health Benefits Of Yoga

Once upon a time, yoga was something that wasn’t as widely accepted in mainstream culture as it is nowadays.  Although there was some popularity in western culture, it was nothing like it is today. Currently, you can find a yoga studio on every corner, and every day people are practicing in the privacy of their own homes.

Its widespread popularity isn’t by chance, either.  Yoga has a significant amount of health benefits which range from mental to physical.  If you’ve been considering starting a new lifestyle and adopting healthy habits, then yoga might be the perfect choice for you.  Here are just some of the health benefits yoga provides.

Improves Posture

Through consistent practice, yoga can improve your posture by elongating your spine.  Yoga can improve your spine’s condition with regular practice and can even reverse damage you may have acquired over the years if you have a spine condition.  

By learning with a qualified teacher who can help correct your poses and improve your posture, you will see a significant difference in the way you feel and the way you stand in only a matter of weeks.  Some people are so shocked by the improvements they see that they go on to become certified yoga instructors to share their passion.

Increases Flexibility

There are many different types of yoga to choose from.  However, regardless of which form of yoga you choose, you will see a significant improvement in your overall flexibility.  Since yoga is all about deep breaths and elongation, your body will start to reach positions which it was never able to before.

By matching your movement to your breath, you’ll slowly but steadily be able to reach positions that you never even imagined were possible before.  It merely calls for consistent and dedicated practice.

Promotes Mental Clarity

Because yoga requires so much mental focus and dedication, once you begin, it’s possible to go into a meditative state.  By focusing on your breath and movement, your thoughts are no longer focused on your stresses or problems.

Yoga allows you to escape the madness of modern life and lose yourself in a peaceful activity which promotes awareness and tranquility.  Usually, people walk away from a good session of yoga feeling like they just a had a refreshing night’s sleep.

Burns Calories

Some forms of yoga are more rigorous than others, however, regardless of which and you choose you’ll find that it will burn calories. Because it requires you to use your muscle strength and often balance using your body weight, you may notice a significant decrease in body weight over time.

With some forms of yoga burning as much as 800 calories in a single session, it’s an exercise which can promise serious physical results with enough consistent effort.