3 Fasting Tools Every Fitness Enthusiast Should Know

Staying in shape and achieving your fitness goals doesn’t have to be complicated or create mental health issues. Many people who are aiming for total personal fitness find that fasting is a great way to stay lean and it isn’t difficult. While many people would have balked at the idea of avoiding food for long stretches at a time, it can actually be a healthy practice for both weight loss and anti-aging.

Fasting has many fat loss benefits, but it is also great for general longevity. When we do not eat, our bodies go through a process known as “autophagy,” which helps to remove cellular waste and clear out harmful toxins. This is one of the main reasons fasting is so effective even for people who are not trying to lose weight.

Beyond being a healthy option for enhancing your fitness and physical health, it can be a powerful cognitive enhancing method as well. Here are a few tools that you will need to make it work properly:

#1. Caffeine – this is nothing new to most people who are drinking coffee or enjoying a cup of tea. The truth is, caffeine is a great way to burn fat by itself, but during fasting it is even better. It can help to burn fat and the caffeine will make the fasting process a lot easier.

Because caffeine is an appetite suppressant, it is a great tool for fasting. There are plenty of people using caffeine in coffee and in preworkout shakes, but a simple caffeine pill will do the trick. Nothing complicated necessary!

#2. Bone broth – the bone broth craze is starting to pick up steam especially with the Paleo diet in full swing. Most people think bone broth is only good for collagen and fixing joint health, but in reality it’s far more than that. Bone broth can help you to break fasts without feeling drowsy or crashing.

If you fast for 20 – 24 hours or more, eating any kind of food is going to spike your insulin and cause you to feel lethargic and tired. Instead, start with bone broth 20 minutes before your fast is over and it will blunt the effect so your stomach and head do not hurt.

#3. Modafinil – the pill known as modafinil is a smart drug, which improves focus and concentration, but it also has a stronger effect on physical stimulation as well. Using modafinil (also known as the provigil nootropic) will increase adrenaline and dopamine, which can help increase your workout strength and abilities.

Most people who use modafinil find it is a safer option than something like Adderall. Provigil is a good nootropic alternative to these amphetamine-based drugs, but keep in mind both require a prescription. If you are in the United States, you can get a prescription for modafinil pretty easily and it will aid in your fasting regimen as well.

Achieving a level of physical fitness that you desire isn’t a challenging task when you spend the right time and energy focused on meaningful solutions. Fasting may have been vilified for many years because there was nobody who could profit from this solution, but it is useful in many ways. Take advantage of the simplest fat busting practice available.