How Can I Lose 30 Pounds in 2 Weeks?

So you’re sitting at the computer asking youself, “How can I ever lose 30 pounds in about 2 weeks?”.

Well, I am going to be brutally honest…

Losing 30 pounds in only 2 weeks is something that is really difficult to do.

It’s possible, but I don’t really recommend it.

I don’t like losing this amount of weight so little of time because you’re gonna have a super hard time keeping that weight off.

In order to meet this goal you are pretty much going to have to starve yourself. That’s why it is incredibly difficult goal to meet. Let alone, you’re just going to end up putting the weight back on once you start to go back to a somewhat natural eating habits.

Rather than just trying to quickly lose weight, I want to talk to you about actually changing your lifestyle for the better. This is where you change your lifestyle in order to lose weight naturally overtime.

This is a much better way to go about things because you’re going to be able to meet your goals and then be able to keep that weight off. A much more appropriate goals to be able to loose 30 pounds would probably be be about three or five months.

You really don’t want to be losing more than 10 pounds in a given month. If you’re losing more than that then you are significantly starving yourself and you need to stop that.

What to Do

There are a couple of things that you really need to focus on it over to make this lifestyle change. The first one to focus on is your diet in what you were eating. Now I did say diet, but I am referring it to as what you would typically eat. I do not want you to go on a diet. Rather, you will want to start to eat stuff that is healthy for you every single day for the rest of your life. Not just a diet that’s going to help you quickly lose weight. People who are skinny aren’t doing any miracle trick to get them skinny and then go and eat whatever they want. They just eat healthy in general and treat their body great so therefore they’re able to stay skinny.

What you really need to be eating right now are only lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and rice. If you’re only eating these things you’re going to be seeing some incredible results.

The next thing aside from your eating is going to be your exercise and workout schedule. Now it is possible to lose weight without working out think stooges eating healthy. However, if you really want to see some awesome results that you’re going to eat healthy into you’re going to exercise.


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